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Wil and Becky talk about running board game conventions with Jason and Kat while hanging out at Meeplestock.  Both Jason and Kat are involved in running small board game conventions in Central Wisconsin.  We talk about why we do it, how it can be done and what we get out of doing it.

Show notes:

Meeplestock:  Meeplestock is a Board Game convention held in Steven’s Point, WI.  You can find out more about Meeplestock on their Facebook or website.  The driving force behind Meeplestock is Gamers Who Care, a non-profit charity.  Check them out!

Board Wars:  Board Wars is a small Board Game convention held in Merrill, WI.  You can find out more about Board Wars at their Facebook or website.  We’re small but mighty (fun)!

The Population (or lack thereof) in northcentral Wisconsin: When talking about con attendance, the topic of respective city population comes up.  In order to help illustrate the ruralness of the area we live in, I thought I’d share some statistics:

  • Stevens Point has a population of ~27,000.  If you include the surrounding metropolitan area, that pushes the population up to ~70,000.  It’s home to the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, and to the World’s Largest Trivia Contest.  It’s located
  • Merrill is about 50 miles north of Stevens Point.  Its population is ~9,000.  In fact, as speculated in the podcast the entire population of Lincoln County is ~27,000, the same as Steven Point, proper.  In 1984 the Walter Mondale/Geraldine Ferraro campaign kicked off in Merrill. (Proof!)
  • Rhinelander (mentioned by Jason) is well and truly in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  It is 50 miles north-northeast of Merrill and has a population of ~7,500.  Rhinelander is home to the Hodag.

Also, Jason is right.  People from our area think nothing of driving 2 or more hours (120 miles) to do something fun.

Games Mentioned:

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